Please drink enough water, you should get fit and hydrated into the workout, so that you can also perform well. During and
after the workout we are happy to serve you with the My Body Space water bottle.

Yes, you can combine them perfectly. The order of whether you start first with the treadmill/stepper training or with the
sculpt treatment is up to you.

The fewer fat cells you have, the more you feel the impulses that go to the muscle. The impulses are not painful, but you
may get sore muscles after the treatment.

Sport shoes
Hair Gum for long Hair
Good health- it is important that you are “fit to exercise”
(You will get this on site: a small towel for your workout and a bath towel, just like your personal My Body Space water bottle)

You can complete the training at your own pace. The sooner you want to reach your personal goal, the more motivated and regular you will train. We recommend 1-3 times a week for an effective result.

The My Body Space Team will be happy to pick up your mass and discuss your personal goal with you. On request, before- after pictures are made and the masses are re-recorded with each completed training.
You will not only see the progress but also feel it!

Treadmill 30 minutes
Stepper 30 minutes
Body Roll 15 minutes (can be booked with treadmill/stepper training)
Body Roll 30 minutes
Body Sculpt 30 minutes

Body Space treadmill- Cardio
Body Space Stepper- Cardio + strength training
Body Belly- Strength training

Sport for two is just twice the fun! Bring your friend, partner, sister with you.
My Body Space provides you with 2 training devices for simultaneous use.

On our treadmill you can run, walk, or even jog and this leads to an intensive burning of calories. With infrared and vacuum technology, you challenge your body individually. For training on the stepper, it is advantageous if you already have an
advanced endurance. The training goes deep into the buttocks and intensive legwork is required. With individual adjustment of the infrared and vacuum technology, the Earth’s gravitational force in the My Body Space Stepper is more demanding than on the My Body Space treadmill.

If you have any questions, please to not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your request and look forward to hearing from you.